Meinl Byzance Dark Spectrum Ride

This Meinl Byzance Dark Spectrum Ride is the signature ride of venerable groove master Rodney Holmes. It is a unique and versatile ride that offers a dark but very clear sound with excellent projection.

As with all Meinl Byzance Cymbals, this Spectrum Ride is hand hammered and crafted by Meinl's veteran cymbal makers in Turkey, the historical home of cymbal making. The result is an ear tuned cymbal with a fantastic sound.

  • Made from B20 Bronze Alloy
  • Hand hammered for a unique sound
  • Spiral lathing pattern for complex dark sound

Meinl Byzance Dark cymbals are not lathed and have their original appearance and sound characteristic. They are distinguished by an earthy sound with a fairly short sustain.

This Spectrum Ride features a distinctive, clear and penetrating bell, with plenty of low to mid frequencies and a fairly dark ping. It is a very harmonic and musical ride with a special spiral-lathing.


In the words of Rodney Holmes:

"The perfect combination of old world craftsmanship and modern technology. A classic elegant sound combined with an aggressive clear projection. Indie Rock, electronic styles, or Jazz and other music. This cymbals transcends genres.

While either crashing it along with electric guitars, or playing intricate stick patterns in acoustic situations, the Spectrum Ride encompasses the spectrum of musical possibilities and sound."

Available in 22" size.







Hear the 22 inch B22SR Spectrum Ride