Meinl Byzance Dark Crash Cymbals

These Meinl Byzance Dark Crashes are a perfect contrast to the finely lathed, brilliant finish cymbals that many drummers have in their setups. These are raw, unlathed bronze discs of beauty that sound as satisfyingly dark as they look.


As with all Meinl Byzance Cymbals, each cymbal is hand hammered and crafted by Meinl's veteran cymbal makers in Turkey, the historical home of cymbal making. The result is an ear tuned cymbal with a fantastic sound.
  • Made from B20 Bronze Alloy
  • Hand hammered for a unique sound
  • Unlathed surface for a dark sound

Meinl Byzance Dark cymbals are not lathed and have their original appearance and sound characteristic. They are distinguished by an earthy sound with a fairly short sustain.

These crashes feature a dark sound in a low frequency range, and an esoteric character caused by the untreated finish. They are earthy, with a strong attack and a short sustain.

Available in 16", 17" and 18" sizes.


Hear the 16 inch B16DAC Crash
Hear the 17 inch B17DAC Crash
Hear the 18 inch B18DAC Crazh