Mapex Mydentity Drum Sets

October 20, 2020

Mapex Mydentity Drum Sets

Do you remember when Mapex started the groundbreaking Mydentity concept? The idea was that Mapex would allow you to design a custom drum kit online with your selection of drum sizes, wood type, finish, and even hardware color? And they could deliver it all to you within a month and do it at a grat price? It was a very novel idea.

Mapex manufactured the drums in the U.S. and had a website to let you design the kit of your dreams on your computer, phone, or tablet. Since the drums were manufactured in the US, delivery times were greatly reduced.

These drums have either 7-ply all-maple or 6-ply all-birch shells. Bass drums are 7.2mm thick and the toms and snares are 5.8mm thick. All drums feature 45 degree back-cut, SONIClear bearing edges.

Most of the bass drums have eight lugs (the 24″ and 26″ have ten) and they all have wooden bass drum hoops with matching inlays. The snare and tom rims are 2.3mm Mapex triple-flanged Powerhoops – the same as those used on Mapex’s superb Saturn and Orion lines. Mapex’s ITS mounts are used on the mounted toms.

Additionally, the snare and toms come outfitted with Remo UX coated single-ply batter heads and the bass drum heads are pre-muffled for both batter and resonant heads.

Tuned way low, the bass drum had a very nice attack over a deep and powerful thud with enough resonance to rattle your innards. You could use it tuned this low but it also sounded good tuned a bit higher where the drum’s note became more prominent. The stock heads continued to do a good job of controlling the sustain. The toms sound good as well. They tune up easily and have great attack with a solid low-end. Each drum has equally distributed pitches and good sustain.

The snare drum has ten lugs and the throw-off is constructed from metal and strong plastic which both function well. The snare tunes up well and is crisp and responsive with cutting rim-clicks and loud rimshots. 

Those are the details. With that in mind, we have some good news and some bad news.

Let's start with the bad news. They are no longer being produced. According to the manufacturer "Mapex has decided to temporarily suspend this offering to make improvements, reimagine the concept, and revitalize the Mapex MyDentity series." This means you either have to buy one used or find a dealer who still has a new one on the sales floor.

Now, the good news. We have a brand new Mydentity in a nice, pink sparkle. The rums are in-stock AND on sale! Check out these sweet sizes:

Bass Drum 22"x18"/Rack Tom 12"x9"/Floor Tom 16"x16"

Give us a call (503-288-6950) to schedule an appointment and come on in to Rhythm Traders, take a look around and give the Mydentity a try.




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